Our Company

The Agrigelo Company was founded in the heart of Capitanata, in the province of Foggia, agricultural and entrepreneurial culture of the family De Palma. For years, are cultivated agricultural lands according to the traditions handed down from generation to generation, those old lessons still apply in the cultivation process following daily mix them with modern technologies. In places Tressanti town is growing, a few hundred acres of land, rich and lush, they grow crops typical of this region and beyond. These products are grown broccoli, turnip greens, pumpkin, zucchini, tomatoes, eggplant, asparagus, artichokes, cauliflower, wild fennel, peppers, arugula, sage, table grapes and wine. At the foot of Ascoli Satriano, 7 km from the highway of Candela, a strategic location for trade routes of the earth products are carefully selected and prepared for delivery. New plant that deals with the selection and processing of the product, as are the new and modern equipment, which, together with the skill and supervision of local workers as possible in a short time to cook and freeze the product leaving the same nutritional value and taste. The production process begins Farms Company chooses the most suitable culture media and select the seeds to ensure a high quality of raw materials, especially in terms of sensory characteristics. The collaboration between the harvesting and processing is carried out through careful planning, collection of vegetables at an optimal level of maturation, is to minimize the time between collection and freezing, ensuring the best results in terms of knowledge and tenderness. To ensure that foods retain nutrients intact ii, in a maximum of a few hours the vegetables are harvested, sorted, cleaned, washed, re-selected, then scalded and frozen. Since 2015, after three years of conversion, we got the biological certification. All this in order to offer increasingly similar to fresh ones.