Productive Chain

Everything starts from the earth, an experience handed down from generation to generation. Still cultivate several acres of land in the heart of the led with the same dedication and attention that we have taught our ancestors. Broccoli, peppers, eggplant, cauliflower and many other vegetables grown in these lands without the addition of accelerators or medication, only passion, earth, sun and water. Only the daily work of agricultural laborers, under the supervision of someone who carries on the agriculture of the birth, ensures that the product retains intact, thanks to surgelatura, nutritional quality and taste of each vegetable must be authentic.

Born into the family experience and ten years, the Farm Michele De Palma, handed down from generation to generation, the passion and dedication to the cultivation of vegetables. The same passion for agriculture and the attention to product quality, in 2000, leading to the birth of Agrigelo, a new company that deals with the processing of vegetables in batter and / or frozen. At the table, including a wine tasting and the other, you will appreciate the blend of flavors and freshness quality outspoken of our land. Agrigelo, where quality and freshness have no boundaries.

The process is done strictly in hygienic and sterile environments controlled to ensure that foods retain nutrients intact, the product is collected, selected, washed, blanched in water and then frozen within 12h of collection. Expert hands of the choices and take the path that will bring the fresh product directly on the tables. Of fundamental importance is the cold chain that our products undergo, the law regulates precisely the steps of the frozen products from production to sales counter, each phase is programmed to keep the temperature of the food frozen (-18°C) and therefore its quality. The same attention is finally paid by the consumer when he buys, transports and uses and delivers frozen food.
Entire route of freezing is governed by rules that we follow strictly these rules:

Raw materials must be of high quality, in sound condition and be in the required state of freshness.
The food must be rapidly frozen and brought to a temperature below -18°C.
The frozen food must be maintained at a constant temperature equal to or less than -18°C.
The food must be sold in original sealed packaging by the manufacturer or packer, which should indicate the term "frozen".

Thanks to a prompt and effective service delivery the product, collected, processed and prepared to be served on the boards come within 36/48h. The fleet of vehicles consists of mini trucks that are working to quickly deliver products as quickly as possible in order to leave unchanged taste and quality.